On 06 Sep 2012, at 13:31, benjayk wrote:

Quantum effects beyond individual brains (suggested by psi) can't be
computed as well: No matter what I compute in my brain, this doesn't
entangle it with other brains since computation is classical.

The UD emulates all quantum computer, as they do not violate Church Thesis.

A computational description of the brain is just a relative, approximate description, nothing more. It doesn't actually reflect what the brain is or
what it does.

The bet the computationalists do, is that nature has already build an emulator, through the brain, and that's why a computer might be able to emulate its programming, by nature, evolution, etc. And we can copy it without understanding, like a virus can copy a file without understanding of its content.

Molecular biology is already digital relatively to chemistry. Don't take this as argument for comp, but as showing your argument against is not valid.



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