On 9/7/2012 6:24 AM, benjayk wrote:
Why are two machines that can be used to emlate each other regarded to be
In my view, there is a big difference between computing the same and being
able to emulate each other. Most importantly, emulation only makes sense
relative to another machine that is being emulated, and a correct
Dear benjayk,

This is what is discussed under the header of "Bisimilarity" and bisimulation equivalence iff simulation = emulation.


"a bisimulation is a binary relation between state transition systems, associating systems which behave in the same way in the sense that one system simulates the other and vice-versa."

My own use of the term seeks a more generalized version that does not assume that the relation is necessarily binary nor strictly monotonic. The key is that a pair of machines can have an "image" of each other and that they are capable of acting on that image.




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