Hi Bruno Marchal  


BRUNO: Matter is what is not determined, and thus contingent indeed, at its 
very roots, like W and M in a self-duplication experiment, or like, plausibly 
when looking at a photon through a calcite crystal. 

ROGER: So Newton's Laws, such as F = ma, are not deterministic ?

ROGER: and in which men, so as not to be robots,  

BRUNO:  You might try to be polite with the robots, and with your son in law, 
victim of pro-life doctors who gave him an artificial brain without its 
consent. He does not complain on the 
artificial brain, though, as he is glad to be alive. Do you think it is a 
(philosophical) zombie? Come on! He is a Lutheran. Obviously, if you decide 
that a machine cannot be a Lutheran, few machines will be ... 

ROGER: I may be wrong, but I don't see how an artifical brain can have any 
awareness or intelligence, for these require life-- real life. 


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