Hi Stephen P. King  

Yes, unless the hockey stick data is true, 
we are on the "verge" of another ice age-- 
plus or minus 10,000 years. 

Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net 
Leibniz would say, "If there's no God, we'd have to invent him  
so that everything could function." 
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Fig.2. Reconstructed global temperature over the past 420,000 years based on 
the Vostok ice core from the Antarctica (Petit et al. 2001). The record spans 
over four glacial periods and five interglacials, including the present.  
The horizontal line indicates the modern temperature. The red square to the 
right indicates the time interval shown in greater detail in the following 

The diagram above (Fig.2) shows a reconstruction of global temperature based on 
ice core analysis from the Antarctica. The present interglacial period (the 
Holocene) is seen to the right (red square).  
The preceding four interglacials are seen at about 125,000, 280,000, 325,000 
and 415,000 years before now, with much longer glacial periods in between. All 
four previous interglacials are seen to be warmer 
 (1-3oC) than the present. The typical length of a glacial period is about 
100,000 years, while an interglacial period typical lasts for about 10-15,000 
years. The present interglacial period has now lasted about 11,600 years. 

According to ice core analysis, the atmospheric CO2 concentrations during all 
four prior interglacials never rose above approximately 290 ppm; whereas the 
atmospheric CO2 concentration today stands at nearly 390 ppm. T 
he present interglacial is about 2oC colder than the previous interglacial, 
even though the atmospheric CO2 concentration now is about 100 ppm higher.  


    Does not this graph strongly suggests a secular periodicity to global 
climate variation? If I am reading the graph correctly, we are overdue for a 
glaciation event. Maybe anthropogenic CO2 is just Nature's way of forestalling 
the immanent ice age so that Humanity might evolve beyond the bounds of this 
planet's surface. This thought leads me to believe that all that are overly 
concerned with damping human activity are anti-human evolution and we can see 
this directly in the real world consequences of their policy dictates. All of 
the plans that have been advanced to suppress  anthropogenic CO2 are repressive 
to the human condition. "Let us return to the Stone age" we are told by the 
elites that are soo worried about the impending doom of global warming. "Are 
you insane?", I reply. 




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