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You may want to look at

Galen Strawson, Selves: An Essay in Revisionary Metaphysics

He proves that selves exist. Interestingly enough he does it based
on the materialist framework.

p. 11 �For the moment, though, the brief is to show that selves
exist, and that they�re things or objects or �substances� of
some sort, and hence, given materialism, physical objects. One
possibility is that there are in fact no better candidates for the
title of �physical object� than selves � even if there are
others that are as good.�

p. 11 �This last suggestion is likely to strike many as obviously
false, but this reaction may stem in part from a failure to think
through what it is for something to be physical, on a genuine or
realistic materialist view, and, equally, from a failure to think
through what it is for something to be a thing or object.�

Evgenii --


Thanks Evgenii. I have been meaning to check out Strawson for a while
actually. I agree that the self is physically and concretely real,
but I don't think it is an object. The self is the subject. I see and
agree with what Strawson is saying about the necessity of expanding
our sense of what is physical, and I understand why he thinks it
makes sense to think of the self as more of a 'thing' than anything -
and I would agree, except that 'thing' is a term of objectification.
I can only see myself as a thing in theory. In fact, who I am has no
thingness at all from my own perspective. There is no object here,
nothing which can be defined in terms of size, weight, temperature,
etc. A subject is made of qualities that have only figurative
dimensions, not literal body qualities.

According to Strawson, what exists as a thing is


for short SESMET.

Hence no contradiction.


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