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It may be too late to do someting about global warming. In the early 1980s we had plenty of time to act, today we have to accept at least 2°C temperature rise and hope that will not cause big problems, but even that will require taking drastic measures.

You don't need catastrophic effects on the environment to cause or civilization to collapse. All that is needed is a prolonged period of bad weather that will cause agriculture to fail in a few rich countries. If there are problems in poor countries, you can get a local famine, which is bad for the local population, but it isn't going to pose a problem for the wider World. If however, agriculture fails in India, China, Australia, and Russia, then these countries have enough money to buy themselves out of a famine, but then that will cause global food shortages.

Tne US will have to ban grain exports to make sure that not all of its grain gets exported away to China, but this will trigger counter measures eventually leading to the collapse of the World economy. Basicaly the problem is that if Saudi Arabia can't buy grain, why would they sell their oil?

Because if they don't sell it somebody will take it away from them. The only reason they can sell it now is that the industrialized nations recognized it is cheaper to pretend the Saud's own the place and pay them off, than it is to occupy it.


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