The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Temperature Signifying the
Existence of the Thought-Carrying Particle, Thought Retaining Particle
and Thought Force
Dhananjay Pal, Arun Uday De


We developed a consciousness model. Our consciousness model
incorporating Thought-carrying particle (TCP), Thought-retaining
particle (TRP) and Thought Force (TF) signifies the existence of the
universal consciousness that exists along with the universe. The
universal consciousness is a functional state of the universal mind
(UM). We indicated the existence of thought force (TF) that is an
expression of the universal consciousness. This TF is carried by the
TCP in the presence of its super-symmetrical partner TRP. Many
physicists believe that unifying all the forces, including gravity,
into a single theory would require a phenomenon called super-symmetry.
With super-symmetry, every fermion would have a boson twin, and
vice-versa. TCP that behaves like boson should accompany its
super-symmetrical partner TRP that functions like fermion in the
generalized simpler way. The UM as well as the individual mind is
constituted by these TCP and TRP. The quantized energy of the TCP is
found to cause the universal consciousness as well as the cosmic
microwave background radiation temperature. This TF appears to be the
primordial quantum field that, in turn, exerts its functions both in
vitro and in vivo. The individual consciousness owes its origin to the
universal consciousness created by the same quantized energy. The
individual consciousness is generated and maintained by the quantum
mechanical activities of these postulated TCP and TRP in the presence
of the thought force (TF) in vivo. The existence of TCP, TRP and
Thought force (TF) is indicated here to form a possible bridge between
mind and matter.

NeuroQuantology | September 2012 | Volume 10 | Issue 3 | Page 428-442


Cosmic microwave background radiation; Universal mind; Thought force;
Though-carrying particle; Thought retaining particle; Quantized energy

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