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    Hi Jason Resch
    Brain experiments by I forget who were performed by
    touching the brain at various points with a probe.
    With each point, the patient reported a different
    experience was being recalled.
    On the other hand, others report that experiences are
    scattered all over the brain, presumably over some sorts of
    The only way I can reconcile these two points of view is that
    experiences are stored in networks such that connecting
    at a single point will recall the whole.

I think there is a lot of redundancy in the brain, memories are stored in many places. Ray Kurzweil makes a good analogy I think, in that the memories in a brain are like a hologram. You can cut a hologram in half and the same image remains, albeit at a reduced resolution.

A pleasant thought, but a very small localized stroke can cause one to lose memory of words or people.


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