I see all of our experiences, including dreams and delusions as being 
physical, but not necessarily “real”. To me, realism is a loose term 
describing the ‘middle of the road’ range of experiences in which bodies 
and minds are clearly separate. The contrasting ‘unreal’ ranges are the 
profoundly spiritual/psychedelic/psychotic experiences and the profoundly 
logical/mathematical/abstracted principles, both of which can be understood 
as signifying real or more-than-real referents.

*Physical* (< *Unrealism *of *Logic* < *Realism* of *Bodies and Space* ⊥ *
Realism* of *Experiences and Time* > *Unrealism* of *Psyche* >)*

*Metaphysical* = Hypothetically outside of spacetime and matter.

*Energy* = Logical conceptualization of the perception and participation of 
material bodies in spacetime.

*Information* = Logical conceptualization of logic in spacetime.

*Logic* = Phenomenology turned in on itself - subjectivity that seeks to 
evacuate subjectivity of itself, leaving purely universal and involuntary 
truths as a residual product.

*Psyche* = Deep phenomenology. Unconstrained by logic, subjectivity is free 
to sense and dream itself into transpersonal and near-metaphysical ranges 
of experience.

* This is the Multisense Continuum, which is involuted like a Mobius strip, 
and can be shuffled and turned around:

< *Unrealism *of *Logic*
< *Realism* of *Bodies and Space* ⊥ *Realism* of *Experiences and Time* >
*Unrealism* of *Psyche* >

(⊥ = “perpendicular/orthogonal fold” relation of Pedestrian Realism, ie 
supermarket reality).

⊥ *Realism* of *Experiences and Time* >
*Unrealism* of *Psyche* > < *Unrealism *of *Logic
*< *Realism* of *Bodies and Space* ⊥
(> < = “evanescent dissolve” relation of Profound Unrealism, ie hypnogogic 
trance, epiphany, transcendence, enlightnenment)

The contemporary cosmology I would describe this way:

Information ↔ Laws of Physics > Energy ↔ Matter  ⊥  Space ↔ Time 

The problems with this are embodied as problems with Idealism, Materialism, 
and Infocentrism, with each being unable to account for the prominence of 
the other without disqualifying it. Materialism makes information and 
subjectivity unreal, Idealism makes matter and spacetime unreal, 
Infocentricism makes matter and subjectivity unreal.

Each of these three views have a blind spot for their own bias, which 
becomes pathological when applied in a thoroughly literal way to the the 
universe. Living beings become indistinguishable from programmed robots and 
animated cadavers. The world becomes an illusion conjurable by codes. We 
paint ourselves into a corner so that we are forced to conceive of 
ourselves paradoxically as epiphenomenal voyeurs yet inevitably omnipotent 
masters of the universe and ourselves.

My approach, of course, is to weigh anchor with sense itself, as the 
primordial prerequisite of being and doing that is beneath and above all 
forms, materials, spaces, times, and subjective experiences. A neutral 
monism which projects itself within itself, always through juxtaposed 
experiences. Sense puts the 'in' into information and makes structures 

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