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> Cells may not be only machines though, they are also self-organizing life
> experiences. They have mechanistic characteristics as well, but they are not
> defined as that only. Molecules aren't only machines either, but different
> experiences are associated with different kinds of molecules. By assuming
> that all things are only machines from the beginning, you beg the question
> of whether things can be treated like machines. There are thermodynamically
> irreversible processes involved. It would be like unburning a log or putting
> water back into a wave.

Metabolism involves replacing parts of cells that break down with
inanimate matter from the environment. The cells may or may not have
experiences associated with them but apparently this process preserves
the experiences. A car may have experiences and replacing the worn out
car parts preserves the car's function and may also preserve the car's
experiences. In what way is maintenance of cells fundamentally
different to maintenance of cars?

Stathis Papaioannou

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