Saw this paper making the rounds and reblogged it:

Synchronous Firing and Its Influence on the Brain’s Electromagnetic Field
Evidence for an Electromagnetic Field Theory of Consciousness

A step in the right direction I think, although ultimately still 
(understandably) limited by the assumptions of physics of disembodied 
fields of energy.

"The brain’s em field is as much a part of it’s activity as neuronal 
firing. Efforts to understand human consciousness have focused on the 
informational processing performed by neurone firing and synaptic 
transmission, yet the brain’s em field holds precisely the same information 
as neurone firing patterns and may be involved in transmission and 
processing of that information. The equivalence of matter and energy, 
apparent in Einstein’s famous equation, implies that there is no a priori 
reason why consciousness should be associated with the matter of neurones 
rather than the em field activity within and between neurones. However, 
whereas information in neurones is digital, discrete and spatially 
localized, information in em fields is analogue, integrated and 

Until we integrate the actual lived experience of perception with our 
theory of physics, we will always be painting ourselves into a homunculus 
corner. So our experience of imagining a flying purple octopus is really 
the silent buzzing of an invisible cloud rather than the infinitesimal 
sparks between trillions of cellular tendrils. Okay. So where is the flying 
purple octopus?

What I see is that it isn't the octopus that is an interpretation of 
physical 'information', but rather it is awareness which is informs and is 
informed by physical activity. These changes in awareness are 
electromagnetic changes (and gravitational changes, thermodynamic changes) 
which are already interpreted by definition. They are experienced on many 
levels in many different senses. Our personal experience as human beings 
usually translates as certain activities of the central nervous system when 
translated into its impersonal correlate. We can however, with practice or 
talent, extent our consciousness to some extent into the sub-personal and 
super-personal levels which correspond to the micro and macro impersonal 
levels that are covered by physics.
This paper is a good start because they recognize that synchronization of 
neural activity can be an effect of a top down cause rather than a bottom 
up automation. I don't think the em field as we understand it now will turn 
out to be 'consciousness' because we are exposed to such a variety of 
electromagnetic fields all of the time without apparent disruption that it 
seems unlikely to be more causally efficacious than the tissue of the brain 
itself. I don't think that you could use TMS to compensate for brain trauma 
or chronic disease, for instance. If you have a big hole in your brain, I 
don't think that broadcasting an electromagnetic bandaid is going to fix 
it. If I'm right, what we call an electromagnetic field is the impersonal 
reductionist perspective on what is actually experiences of synchronized 
participation. The em field model is a good way of mapping out the 
computations of the brain in a different way, but as different as the 
global field model is from the digital neuron model, the sensorimotive 
experience reality is even more fundamentally alien to quantitative 
analysis. There just isn't any force or field out there that adds up to be 
what we feel 'in here'. It only makes sense the other way around, with 
realism as projection and phenomenology as ground of being.

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