On 9/27/2012 12:01 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
The problem is the assumption that they can only be one thing if they aren't the other. This kind of dualism is a prejudice of a particular phase of scientific development that is overdue for reconciliation. By framing it as 'understandable vs mysterious' instead of public-spatial vs private-temporal, we close off all possibility for progress. Do you think that I don't know how effective the reductionist approach has been for Western Civilization? The Catholic Church was deemed equally effective during Galileo's time. You misunderstand my perspective and assume that I am talking about some new force outside of physics when what I am doing is showing a way of integrating the obvious conditions of our experience with physics.

I think that realizing that cells are also our sub-personal experiences will be the next two centuries of biological science.
Hi Craig,

    That is not a "dualism", it is a dichotomy. A false one at that! ;-)




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