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Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net   
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen   

I think so (except perhaps on Jesus, but we can come back on this later ... I 
don't think it is so important, now)   

========== There's no Jesus in Leibniz's metaphysics, just the monad of monads 
(the ALL, or "God"),   

BRUNO: Perhaps I should interpret your monad by person, simply. Or   
generalized person.   

************* No, each person has his own monad, his own corporeal body.   
They're all different.   

BRUNO: The Universal Soul, the Inner God, the Knower can leave their bodies (in 

===========  I have no good answer, but let me speculate a little.   
L says that monads can commune  with the supreme monad   
(which you call Universal Soul or US). Then  there is no reason, depending on 
clarity of vision,  why a monad could not see as the US sees, at least to some 
This might be an OBE. Religionists might call this communing a mystical vision. 
Luther was not too keen on mysticism, would call it glory-seeking.  
Hence I am not either.  

BRUNO (previously) I am not sure. For two reasons:   

1) with comp it seems that there is a universal person, abstract, perhaps, but 
completely conscious. Like you, me, and the jumping spider.   

2) most people on (good dose of) salvia divinorum, (a powerful dissociative 
psychedelic plant), get *completely* amnesic.   
They report the lost of all the memories of anything particular about them, 
including the memory of having once own a body,  
immersed in space and time. Yet, they report to remain *completely* conscious, 
like out of time, like out of anything (any thing).   

With lesser dose, you just dissociate, that is you keep the memories,  
but you don't believe or associate with them any more (for a period of 4m, the 
experience is short lived).   

With comp (assuming no flaws, etc.) things goes like this (roughly   



and then only ===> PARTICULAR DREAMS SHARING (physical realities).   

******** Good. We're pretty much aligned. This has been very helpful.   

BRUNO: Haha! Yes, you confirm some of my feelings, notably, to be short, that 
christians are, conceptually, much more closer to comp (and Plato, Plotinus, 
probably Leibniz, even Descartes when read by taking the context into account)  
than the atheists, the naturalists and the (even weak) materialists who 
eliminate persons, not just in books, but in their everyday life, as I am 
witnessing again and again. pfff...   

BTW, I suggest everyone to look at Korean movies (on Youtube, you can find a 
lot), as their culture shows some harmonic (with nice gentle dissonances) 
relationship between christianity and buddhism.   

By far my favorite is "Hello Ghost", which is, btw and imho, a perfect allegory 
of the salvia divinorum experience, including the so-called breakthrough.   

It is a typical movie that you can appreciate to see twice (and don't read the 
YouTube comments the first time, as some some spoils the story!).   




Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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