On Fri, Oct 05, 2012 at 07:33:53AM -0400, Roger Clough wrote:
> Hi Richard Ruquist  
> I appreciate your suggestion, but I am already convinced, 
> and have other sources besides that. 
> What I'm looking for is a book which gives the central 
> mechanism of  abiogenesis, the production of living
> matter from nonliving matter. If indded there is
> such a thing.

I doubt there would be any one book on this. It is a field of great
interest, not only to biologists, but also ALife people, who are
approaching the problem from the opposite direction. Usually,
there will be a smattering of papers in ALife conferences dealing with
the abiogenisis problem. Most of the more recent ALife conference
proceedings are available outside of a paywall, so you could browse
these to see if any papers take your interest.



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