Have a look at the first few minutes of this show with conjoined twins Abby 
and Brittany:


You can see that although they do not share the same brain they clearly 
share aspects of the same mind. They often speak in unison but they can 
disagree with each other. This can be interpreted to mean that they are 
similar machines and therefore are able to generate the same functions 
simultaneously, but then how can they voluntarily disagree? To me, this 
shows how fundamentally different subjectivity and will is from 
computation, information, or even physics. Even though I think subjectivity 
is physical, it's because physics is subjective, and the way that happens 
is via intention through time, rather than extension across space. The 
words they say are not being transmitted from inside one skull to another, 
even though Brittany seems to be echoing Abby in the sense that she is in a 
more subservient role in expressing what they are saying, the echo is not 
meaningfully delayed - she is not listening to Abby's words with her ears 
and then imitating her, she is feeling the meaning of what is being said at 
nearly the same time.

I think that Bruno would say that this illustrates the nonlocality of 
arithmetic as each person is a universal machine who is processing similar 
data with similar mechanisms, but I see real-time Quorum Mechanics. They 
are speaking more or less 'in concert'. Were they machines, I would expect 
that they could get out of synch. One could just start repeating the other 
five seconds later, or they could lapse into an infinite regress of 
echoing. Surely the circuitry of such a rare instrument would not and could 
not evolve rock solid error corrective anticipation for this.

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