Please, please read Edward de Bono's book "The Mechanism of Mind" for some 
genuine insights into creativity and how this comes about in mind. Russell if 
you can't track down a copy I'll lend you mine but it's a treasured object, not 
least because of the fact that the author autographed it!

On 09/10/2012, at 8:39 AM, Russell Standish wrote:

> The problem that exercises me (when I get a chance to exercise it) is
> that of creativity. David Deutsch correctly identifies that this is one of
> the main impediments to AGI. Yet biological evolution is a creative
> process, one for which epistemology apparently has no role at all.
> Continuous, open-ended creativity in evolution is considered the main
> problem in Artificial Life (and perhaps other fields). Solving it may
> be the work of a single moment of inspiration (I wish), but more
> likely it will involve incremental advances in topics such as
> information, complexity, emergence and other such partly philosophical
> topics before we even understand what it means for something to be
> open-ended creative. Popperian epistemology, to the extent it has a
> role, will come much further down the track. 
> Cheers

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