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The problem that exercises me (when I get a chance to exercise it) is
that of creativity. David Deutsch correctly identifies that this is one of
the main impediments to AGI. Yet biological evolution is a creative
process, one for which epistemology apparently has no role at all.

Continuous, open-ended creativity in evolution is considered the main
problem in Artificial Life (and perhaps other fields). Solving it may
be the work of a single moment of inspiration (I wish), but more
likely it will involve incremental advances in topics such as
information, complexity, emergence and other such partly philosophical
topics before we even understand what it means for something to be
open-ended creative. Popperian epistemology, to the extent it has a
role, will come much further down the track.
JM: Not that I want to produce such 'single moment of inspiration':
I gave some thought to the concept of creativity over the past 20 years.
At this moment I stand (and my stance is likely to undergo further changes)
with including Robert Rosen's "anticipation" concept as applied to my own
world-view (belief!) of *agnosticism*: there is an infinite complexity we
cannot know, not even approach and from it we get info-morsels from time to
time into OUR world. We are not up to consider those 'morsels' by their
real and full nature, only adjusted to our mental capabilities and the so
far circumscribed 'world' we live in(?).
This constitutes our 'image' of our "world" - indeed the model of it we can
muster in our actual mental inventory (including the application of
conventional sciences.).

Our curiosity in topics MAY (or may not?) trigger topical info and it is up
to us whether we do, or don't pay attention and - maybe - consider them as
worthwhile pursuing - which is the way I figure *"anticipation". *
If we relate to such anticipation with a positive feedback, we may fail, or
succeed, the latter callable the 'creative approach".
It goes beyond our 'model', beyond what we could feed into our computers,
beyond the inventory (status quo ante?) of what we already knew (I say:
No consequences drawn.
John M

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