On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 04:44:11PM -0400, Roger Clough wrote:
> "Computational Autopoetics" is a term I just coined to denote applying basic 
> concepts 
> of autopoetics to the field of comp. You mathematicians are free to do it 
> more justice 
> than I can. I cannot guarantee that the idea hasn't already been exploited, 
> but I have  
> seen no indication of that. 
> The idea is this: that we borrow a basic characteristic of autopoetics, 
> namely that life is  
> essentially not a thing but the act of creation. This means that we define 
> life as the creative act of generating structure from some input data. By 
> this 
> pramatic definition, it is not necessarily the structure that is produced 
> that is alive, but 
> life consists of the act of creating structure from assumedly structureless 
> input data. 
> Life is not a creation, but instead is the act of creation.

So any self-organised system should be called alive then? Sand dunes,
huricanes, stars, galaxies. Hey, we've just found ET!

Actually, I was just reading an interview with my old mate Charley
Lineweaver in New Scientist, and he was saying the same thing :).

> If life is such a creative act rather than a creation, then it seems to fit 
> what 
> I have been postulating as the basic inseparable ingredients of life: 
> intelligence 
> and free will.  

I don't believe intelligence is required for creativity. Biological
evolution is undeniably creative.

... Rest deleted, because I cannot follow you there.


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