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    Hi Bruno Marchal

    In that definition of a p-zombie below, it says that
    a p-zombie cannot experience qualia, and qualia
    are what the senses tell you. The mind then transforms
    what is sensed into a sensation. The sense of red
    is what the body gives you, the sensation of red
    is what the mind transforms that into. Our mind
    also can recall past sensations of red to compare
    it with and give it a name "red", which a real
    person can identify as eg a red traffic light
    and stop. A zombie would not stop (I am not allowing
    the fact that red and green lights are in different
    That would be a test of zombieness.

Interestingly, my father began to drive in 1926 in Texas. He was red-green color blind, and he couldn't tell a red traffic light from a green one. And in those days there was no convention as to the order of the lights and there were no yellow lights. So he had to be very careful approaching any signal light. Of course he soon memorized the position of the red and green lights in the small town where he grew up. Later, I think in the 1940's there became a convention of putting the red lights above the green with the yellow in between. Still later, in the '50's, they standardized the spectrum of lights so that the colors did look different even to red-green color blind people. But through all this, I believe my father was a real person.


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