Computers, materialism and subjective/objective dyslexia

In materialism there is no self, it is implied.
This works in most cases, except if the case involves the 
self or subjectivity. The problem with that situation is that, 
without a self to be subjective, there can be no subjectivity. 
Hence what we know to be subjective (lived experience, 
for example) has to be considered as objective. This is 
somewhat understandable, because subjective/objective 
dyslexia and its issues are hard to understand.  

Thus comp, or computer output, which is objective, can easily
be confused with subjective phenomena.  

Now life, thought, consciousness, and intelligence are all
subjective (non-physical, non-objective) activities. 
But because of subjective/objective dyslexia, and the
fact that it is difficult to conceive of the nonphysical, 
they are almost always often considered to be objective
(physical) phenomena.  In other words, life, consciousness and 
thought are thought to be properties of or associated with, 
material objects.


Roger Clough, 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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