Tribal warfare and the nature of man 

Politics is tribal warfare. It's ancient hatred between  
folks who don't even speak the same language.  

There's no remedy. Tribes have brought safety to man 
and so continue to this day. Tribes are anthropological.  

We join the various tribes unknowingly  
when trying to sort out who we are. It simplifies things. 
Tribal identification is thus very natural. 

(Note that capitalism or market trading is also anthropological. 
Cave men traded goods as needed and no doubt for sex. 
In a sense we still do that today.) 

Note that the nature of the split is also historically the same.  
There were liberals and conservatives in the  
time of Caesar's senate. Pretty much like today. 

Roger Clough,  
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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