On Mon, Nov 05, 2012 at 04:45:55PM -0500, John Mikes wrote:
> Dear Russell,
> I have my doubts about "causality" as a *complete* term: our 'systems', cf:
> ecosystem etc. include the up-to-date inventory of knowables as in our
> existing "MODEL" of the world - which grows over the millennia
> stepwise. (The 'cause' of the lightning is no more the "ire" of Zeus).
> Whatever we include as 'causing' a change (whatever) is the portion of its
> entailments selectable from said inventory (of yesterday). This causes the
> uncertainty and occasional mishaps in our "world". Besides: our terms are
> proportionate, content and qualia (may be) incomplete restricted to said
> inventory, so the partial entailment we observe may seem satisfactory to
> the actual 'model-item' we carry. (((How's THAT with AL?)))

Not sure I fully ingest what you're saying here. Causality has to do
with explanations, whilst correlations needn't. I think some of the
notions of causality - eg Granger causality, have to do with
quantifying the information flow between time series - if timeseries A
provides more predictive information about time series B than some
threshold (not necessarily arbitrary, but usually theory dependent),
then we say that A Granger-causes B. It is not correlation, as
correlation is bidirectional, whereas Granger-causality is not. Also A
Granger-causes B can be read as series A explaining something about
series B.

> ------------------
>  We had a little exchange on "random" earlier when you resorted to the term
> (as I recall): as *provisonal (or conditional?) random* that may occur *under
> the given conditions only*.
> ((I just wrote to Hal R. that a "random walk" in evolution could lead *us,
> humans* (back???) - maybe - to *DE*-velop into trilobites. Why not?))
> John Mikes

That would be surprising, given we're not descended from trilobytes in
the first place!


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