Dear Hal, you indicated a post of yours by date and time - I have no
facilities to trace it. Was It the one I copied hereunder? (Topically it
may be...) -- See my remarks below. - John M

*Hal Ruhl:*

*"Here are some expansions on my prior post regarding the following three

* i) Consciousness: Define it for now as the detection by a life entity of
the current system energy configuration both internal and external to the
life entity sufficient to ensure its adherence to its "Actual Purpose" [AP]
in its universe.  In our universe it appears that even single cells may
have antenna to facilitate this detection.  See "ScienceNews", 11/03/12,
page 16.  I have proposed that life's AP in this universe is the one I
derived in earlier posts.  Call this "proposed Actual Purpose 1" [pAP1].  I
see no reason how the life’s Origin that I propose and pAP1 conflict with
such antenna on individual cells.     *

* ii) Freewill:  pAP1 precludes it because life must always follow its
purpose, so too for any AP that differs from pAP1. *

* iii) Species survival: Life on this planet is in the midst of an
extinction event [not a new idea] that can't be stopped because pAP1 would
be the only priority for life.  We may not be extinguished as a species but
we can't exclude ourselves from the extinction because of pPA1.  There have
been a number of extinction events.  However, evolution has used some of
these to produce new life entities with greater energy hang-up barrier
busting ability than the extinguished ones - new life entities such as
ourselves from the K-Pg event."*


*i) "LIFE ENTITY" *is beyond me at this time*.* I define* Ccness* as
"response to relations" - not within OUR current system energy

"Actual Purpose" is an open question since I reject teleology. In my
imagination's worldview I presumed the history of a 'uiverse': it started
by an (inevitable) violation of the perfect symmetry in the (timeless)
Plenitude and trends to smoothing back - when the universe dissolves in it.
THAT may be a universe's AP???? ((Life's??)) - No mention of 'individual
cells' or other figments.

*ii) *I did not detect a 'purpose' for life (whatever we may agree in its
essence to be) and consider any 'process' (function, change, you name it)
facilitated by the 'givens' - much more assorted than we ever could follow
- but some easier, some less easily attainable (=route of the lowest
resistance). I could not find it feasible for SOME personal agency (??) to
decide on its own anything as matching the FREE WILL, in the religious
menace against sin, threatening with eternal punishment: a tool in
enslaving society. (Purpose matching, or not).

*iii) *Survival on THIS primitive, rural planet? No argument here. I don't
see it as a consequence to "fitness" under the local circumstances, since
the dinosaur was "fit" when it got extinct by a sudden change in local


I hope now I submitted my remarks - lost originally when my computer
kidnapped my halfway written post and sent it with the first part to

John Mikes

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