On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 08:43:29PM -0800, meekerdb wrote:
> On 11/10/2012 8:00 PM, Russell Standish wrote:
> >I'm not sure how Bruno argues for it, but my version goes something
> >like:
> >
> >1) Self-awareness is a requirement for consciousness
> >
> >2) We expect to find ourselves in an environment sufficiently rich and
> >complex to support self-aware structures (by Anthropic Principle), but
> >not more complex than necessary (Occams Razor). Sort of like
> >Einstein's principle "As simple as possible, and no simpler."
> But this is the step I questioned.  Why not be like the Borg, i.e.
> one consciousness with many bodies?  I think we only 'expect' to

Quite possibly because Borgs have lower measure for the anthropic
selection to work on than single body minds, particularly with mortal
bodies, as I would assume a Borg mind is effectively immortal.

I have always felt that one resolution of the Doomsday Argument is
that humanity mind melds (or uploads, Singularity-style) so that
effectively no new minds get born.

I haven't quite figured out what happens if we invert the relationship
- many minds to a body. Why don't we all exhibit multiple personality
disorder? It probably has to do with the embodiment of the mind, but
still I don't know how this connects to the Anthropic Principle.

> find ourselves as we are because we don't have good theory about how
> we might be otherwise.  COMP proposes to explain how we are by the
> UDA, but it needs to explain why we are associated with bodies - not
> just assume it to avoid solipism.

Absolutely agree. In fact COMP exacerbates the situation, in that it
is a form of idealism, making the Anthropic Principle mysterious
rather than ordinary. Whilst this is definitely a strike in favour of
materialism, there are so many other disadvantages of materialism that
it is worth trying to nut out how COMP can support the Anthropic Principle.


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