On 11/10/2012 9:53 PM, Russell Standish wrote:
Correct. A stochastic decision is obviously not reasoned, so the
decision itself cannot be rational.

But that wasn't the original assertion. You said that a rational person could, necessarily, on chose one action. So if the rational decision is to flip a coin and do X if it's heads and Y if it's tails, then the action chosen is not deterministic.

The question is whether an agent using a stochastic strategy can be
said to be behaving rationally. I do see your point that the choice of
strategy is rational, but then in that case the strategy choice is

But the original question was about actions - not beliefs or strategies.


What is hard to get a grips on is how the term is used
in the literature, particularly vis-a-vis iterated games, where
stochatsic strategies can have better payoff.

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