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No problem. UDA shows the equivalent propositions: (MAT is weak materialism: the doctrine that there is a primitive physical reality)


I keep COMP as a working hypothesis, as I have no clue what really MAT means or explains, and we don't find a contradiction, just a weirdness close to quantum Everett.

But more accurately, we have not yet found a contradiction. There may be a contradiction with empirical observation, but COMP has not made many definite predictions that could be contradicted.

The modal logics Z1*, X1*, and S4Grz1 generates an infinity of experiences testing the logic of the observables. Those obtained have been tested, as they corrresponds to orthomodularity, existence of a quatization, etc. It is just an open problem if they can emulate a quatum computer, as they should.

Dear Bruno,

Of that collection of "an infinity of experiences", is there a single Boolean Algebra for all of the experiences?

That's why I brought up the location of consciousness. Empirically consciousness is associated with a center body (an essential point of the duplication experiment), yet so far as I can see COMP would predict that a consciousness should have no particular location and not reason to be associated with a particular body.

Yes, there is. the fact that you are indeterminate on an infinity of computational histories, which can be relatively deep, making us relatively rare and computationally costly, and yet mutiplied into continuum of very simlar computations, given a notion of Gaussian normality.

For me it is important to look at how the infinity of computational histories can be partitioned up into mutually consistent histories. We may need consider multiple narratives, one for each observer. There are good arguments against the idea of a single history or narrative. http://phys.columbia.edu/~judes/qm/10_30_PhilQM.mov <http://phys.columbia.edu/%7Ejudes/qm/10_30_PhilQM.mov>

Of course it is only a beginning. But it has to work if comp + the classical theory of knoweldge are correct, and it is the only theory which separates naturally the quanta as particular qualia, and give an arithmetical interpretation for the mystical conception of reality (Plato, Plotinus).





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