On 12/3/2012 4:53 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
You might be right, I am not sure. Then, the fear sellers did not need the climate change for imposing tyranny: food and drug works already very well. (Cf Obama and the NDAA).

And they might be related, as Henry Ford said already in before 1930, "--why use petrol and steel for doing car, when we can build them entirely using Hemp, which can be renewed each year?". The possible climate change might be a consequence of the lies on paper, steel, medication, oil, etc.

The deeper problem might be education, which get worst more or less since Nixon, almost everywhere. People are not encouraged to think by themselves. they still need leader, hero, etc. It is old social mammal genes in play. We are apes with atomic bomb, which confuse p -> q and q -> p, all the time.

As long as cannabis is illegal, you can be sure that politics is biased in the favor of lying minorities.

So do you conclude from the recent legalization of Marijuana in three U.S. states and even it's commercial production in Colorado that the bias has shifted?


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