On 12/3/2012 11:00 AM, Stephen P. King wrote:
Maybe you can help me figure out which scientific study is cause for concern and which is not. They are all loaded up with "maybe" and "might", etc. That is the nature of science,

In the case of climate change there is a big uncertainty which is unrelated to the science. Any projection must consider what *people* will do. That's why the IPCC labels their projections by 'scenarios'. Those scenarios correspond to different projected human actions; everything from stop all fossil fuel consumption to continue to increase it at 3%/year.

there is no 100% certainty. My point is that the climate change studies are believed in the worse case scenario and parroted ab nauseum

On the contrary, the IPCC has been very conservative in its projections, which is why arctic ice floes are melting *faster* than predicted and global temperature is tracking near the upper end of the "business as usual" scenario.



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