On 04 Dec 2012, at 16:43, Richard Ruquist wrote:

I have been concerned with the source of energy within comp..
Over on another list there is a fellow proposing that energy is conscious.

This does not explain what is energy, and what is consciousness.

Consciousness is the mental, phenomenological, experience of knowing, awareness, etc.

Energy is a measurable quantities presupposed in some (if not all) physical theory, with some known properties.

It seems that he originally got this idea from the Seth channeled material.

But nevertheless, the question on that basis that comes to my mind is:
Within comp does physical energy arise as a result of consciousness?

Roughly speaking yes, but is is less wrong to say that it arises (or should arise) from the coupling consciousness /realities, which itself arise from the number relations. I am not sure this can make sense without being familiar with the comp first person indeterminacy, UDA, etc.

Here is a ref that says that work arises from entanglement:

Comp does not assume quantum mechanics, and UDA explains that we cannot assume it, fundamentally.
We can assume it to test comp.

Also I recently learned, I am ashamed to admit, that quantum information theory, which is based on complex numbers, allows for entropy to have negative values.
Does comp also make that prediction?

Not yet :)


I am unable to find a ref for negative entropy in QIT.


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