Toward a Platonic model of creation-  ver. 1

    This is very very speculative, and is likely to 
    change before the end of the day. I offer it as
    sharable thinking piece in which anybody can
    join in (a wiki game) and change or add to.
1) Let Plato's One or Cosmic Mind be the source of 
    everything. Space and time emerge as nonphysical 
    quantum strings  out of it.  

2) Before there is physical space or time, 
    let there be an infinite set of nonphysical numbers,
    each individually assigned to a monadic form.
    These do no have physical correlates but are
    merely potential monads or quantum forms.

3) Let these monads be quantum strings or manifolds
    of two types: pre-existing time strings and pre-existing
    space strings.

4) Consider that the forms of these quantum strings
    be Plato's Forms. Infinitely changeable and divisible, so not
    yet physical.

5) These explode into being according to a one-to-many model.

6)  Consider that the platonic forms are quantum fields,
    which are divisible and hence not yet substances, but after the 
    explosion are  
    changed into physical, monadic substances: fundamental particles, 
    physical strings, etc. etc. Each then having a monad, each has a "soul"
    or identity. 

7) Because of the infinite number of quantum fields, such creation
    can be continuous or continue.


[Roger Clough], [] 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen

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