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On Saturday, December 15, 2012 3:50:36 PM UTC-5, Stephen Paul King wrote:

    On 12/15/2012 2:55 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
    On Saturday, December 15, 2012 2:51:40 PM UTC-5, rclough wrote:

        Hi Craig Weinberg
        I beg to differ.
        My hero, Calvin Coolidge, the arch conservative of all time,
        once said,
        "Don't just do something.....Stand there."

    That's great if you are already standing on top of a mountain of
    inherited privilege. Why not stand there? But why should anyone
    other than the ruling minority of the world be compelled to agree?

    Hi Craig,

        Ah, the chestnuts of Social Justice theory. So are we bound
    and shackled to a position in life by things over which we
    individually have no control? No, not ever!

There is a difference between being conscious of your position and of other people's position and being bound or shackled by it. Knowing that you are living in a country in which your ancestors were actually literally bound and shacked by the ancestors of your landlord and your boss is not something you should have to pretend doesn't shape your opportunities.


Good, some pushback from your own mind!! OK, let us look at this hypothesis: X "is not something you should have to pretend doesn't shape your opportunities" Y such that Y is the current state of "being what you are" and X is "what one's ancestors where" and X is the predecesor of Y in some sequence. This means that some past state of being exactly determined that what you are now and thus you are nothing other than a copy of their state."

Do you agree that "who you are (in a total sense) is exactly determined by some other people who are just like you but that are not you"?

    This kind of thinking is identical to the doctrine of the fall
    that the Abrahamics use to subdue the masses by the means of
    guilt. I reject the entire idea that I have a debt to pay because
    some ancestor of mine may have done X, Y  or Z.

I don't suggest that. I don't suggest guilt. I suggest consideration of those who are not in your position.

    OH K!

Clear the room of all childrens, pets and non-insured.


 Breath deeply .... OK. Calm

    Can you answer my question?

The point of knowing the history of genocide and oppression in America and the role that it played and continues to play in our standard of living (for the 0.01% especially) is not to inspire guilt at all, it is to inspire genuine compassion and understanding. It is an invitation to see things from the staggeringly different perspective of the people living next door, or on the other side of town.

It is well understood that to draw conclusions from a non-faithful sample of a population is to bias any possible prediction. Why are you focusing on some partition of some equivalence class: "white, green, pink, yellow, purple, black,... or "latino, texano, letivo, ... or what ever some finite list you can come up with to be "a faithful sample" of Reality? I am not interested in any proclamation by a person or whatever that cannot possibly be true!

Faithfull samples are such that they exactly match one-to-one with their total ensemble iff number of variants that total ensemble goes to infinity. No difference at all between what "it is" and what "made it". Nice, so we have a neat way of matching up the ancestors of some "crime" we define now to exist in the world and some presently existing person or thing that has that ancestor.

Oh Shit! If my Dad is a Jew and my mother is a Cambodian and their parents .... I will be a victim from any point of view and thus genocide!!!!! Must be avenged!

Think about what I am saying. People statistics is amazing when used correctly and not hard to figure out!

    We are all the same All-Soul in different circumstances, not able
    to see past the momentary differences between what we think we are
    and what we really are.

Some momentary differences last for many lifetimes though.

Yep they sure are. Especially those that are manipulated to become edge issues. Political science is fun too, it is just the study of interacting chaotic systems! ;-)


    _Any action that merely highlights differences is an error to be
    avoided. Seek truth, eliminate errors..__

    Yep. A nice line, I must say so myself.



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