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On Sunday, December 16, 2012 3:19:54 PM UTC-5, spudb...@aol.com wrote:

    The assumption here is that Oliver Stone is presenting verifiable
    history, rather then his own, Neo-marxist "Theory" of history.
    That the Third World (an invented word of the Left) is deserving
    of deep respect, and is presumed blameless in all things, as well.
    I notice the avoidance of blaming Islamists for jihad actions in
    the world, or do you feel we should have sued the Afghan
    government in the Hague, rather then invade? Secondly, in
    Afghanistan, should we have allowed the Soviets to remain
    unchallenged during their involvement there? Another element of
    the neo-Marxist is to avoid speaking to Soviet actions in the
    world that was.

It just depends what we want to do. If we want to try to be the last empire on Earth, then we should continue lying, cheating, and bombing the most territories that we can into submission and hold on to it as long as we can. If we do that, the current trend of degradation and corruption will likely be amplified and we will go the way of all failed civilizations. If we took another route and rolled back the empire, then we would have a lot of intense social dislocation and readjustment but ultimately maybe have a chance of joining the rest of the world as an equal partner nation.

If you know of anything that Stone is presenting that is false I would be interested in hearing what that is. While he is obviously presenting his narrative of what happened, he makes no secret of it. I don't think that any of the events he depicts are in dispute. I will say that he de-emphasizes the transgressions which do not support his narrative, but it is ridiculous to say that these Neolithic-hut dwelling people did something to deserve being invaded and destabilized by American black ops.


What about all of the other possible theories of history? What makes Stone's theory any more credible than my own? Is it because he is famous? Famous people are well known to be just as wrong as any one else.



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