On 12/17/2012 3:29 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:


        Try this example of modern neo-marxists:

Boycotting a restaurant is Marxist? I would think that using free speech to influence others not to spend their money at Chick-Fil-A would be a perfectly Libertarian pastime?

Hi Craig,

Yes, it is Marxist. Acting to disallow the means to make a profit is marxist. It certainly isn't capitalism. And all of that nonsense was over the words that a fellow said in some interview. Amazing. PETA is another example of modern marxism on parade.

    Try listening to Rush Limbaugh for 1 hour and think of him as
    Racheal Maddow's Twin brother.

        To be truly balanced, one must practice balance. Consider all
    views as if they are a p.o.v. of God. The trick is to understand
    that all points of view do not need to be finitely mutually

        "Love thy Neighbor as thyself."

I've listened to Rush several times. Not sure I have been able to stand it for a whole hour at a time, but I have listened before. Maddow definitely exaggerates but it pales in comparison to the outrageous stream of lies from Limbaugh and Beck. http://www.politifact.com/subjects/pundits/

I trust my mind to be a semi-reliable source or error correction. I find myself arguing constantly against Maddow and only sometimes with Limbaugh. At least Rush makes me laugh. Maddow makes me want to try out some QS experiments!

Just look at the Right compared to Left in there. Should I go through and add them up or can you see how much more the Right relies on inflammatory fiction?

Again, I am not making apologetic here. I am trying to get you to cut through the bogus arguments on both sides and rise about the tribalism of Us v. Them. We face a global problem of resource scarcity. Why don't we figure out some solutions that actually work without harming people and implement them?



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