As pearls to the swine 

A logic engine can only deal with objective, publicly available 
meanings (Dictionary meanings, descriptions, Thirdnesses or IIIs).  
That is, logical propositions. Poetry or the Bible can thus appear to be  
nonsense to a logician. 

Which is no surprise, since a text other than a scientific  
textbook deals usually with subjective (mental or spiritual,  
(Is or IIs)) entities. Thus a logic engine cannot deal  
personally (truely), in full depth, with any nonscientific 
text, since it can only deal with objective descriptions 
of personal or spiritual meanings, distorting them into  
Thirdnesses. As pearls to the swine. 

The raw words of poetry or the Bible are III, but  
when read, they start with I (raw experience of  
the words, perhaps just the sounds of them) and II 
(the personal or spiritual meanings of those words,  
called the Word if the Bible). As indicated above,  
II (spiritual meaning) is not available to logic.  

[Roger Clough], [] 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." - Woody Allen

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