On 12/29/2012 10:09 AM, Roger Clough wrote:
Hi Bruno Marchal

I'm trying to recall (but can't) a particular author
who often writes what appears to be a text, but it's
really only an introduction. He never gets to the point
he seemed to be headed toward.

Others seem to have gone to the same composition class.
I have read entire books where the author talks "about"
a subject, but never gets to the meat of the subject.

IMHO the only crucial rule of composition (or of writing a play
or a poem or a letter or any essay) to me is

"Show me, don't tell me".
Dear Roger,

Are ideas actual objects *in the world* outside of us or are they purely internal mental constructs? Have you ever seen the expression: "Don't look at the finger, look at what it is pointing."? We must never forget that a representation of an idea is itself an idea... A remark about a remark about a remark, is still a remark and has meaning - if one can grasp it... I was trying to illustrate a concept, to "show it"...



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