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Stathis!!!!!!!!!!! (See after your remark)  -  John M

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It's possible to prove that computers can be conscious if it can be
proved that the physical movement of the parts of the brain can be
simulated by a computer.
Firstly: did we agree in a working identification of 'conscious'?
It's a mysterious thing you know you have when you have it. For the
purposes of this discussion that suffices.

     Secondly: is such 'conscious' phenomenon PHYSICAL?
It appears to be associated with or supervene on or be caused by
certain brain processes, since when those brain processes are present
consciousness (whatever it is) is also present, and when those brain
processes are not present consciousness is not present.

     Thirdly: do we know ALL (even restricted to 'physical(?)') movements of
(all) the parts of the brain involved in mental actiity to state ALL their
movements can be simulated by a computer?
No, we can't be sure. There may be non-computable physical processes
in the universe. But the evidence is that physics is computable.

Of course since we invent physical theories to explain and predict, it behooves us to invent computable ones. What is not computed we push off to 'boundary conditions' or 'chance'.


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