The Black Box Consciousness Model [Objective Brain/Body->Subjective 
Mind/Mental->Objective Brain/Body].  

Here's how I now see the whole mindbrain consciousness complex: 

    I (physical input signal, brain/body, objective) ---> II (Consciousness 
[nonphysical black box "signal processing"] , mind/mental, subjective) ----> 
III (physical output signal, brain/body, objective) 

    I= Firstness (1p) = physical input signal from outside world into brain 
    II=Secondness (2p) =  the mind's black box of mental (not brain) signal 
processing --->  
    III=Thirdness (3p) = physical signal output to outside world through brain. 

[Roger Clough], [] 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." - Woody Allen 

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