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>  Hi Craig Weinberg 
> Technically, any signal can be expressed either in time or frequency,

Do you mean "wavelength or frequency"? Time and frequency are the same 
thing. Cycles per unit time (or time cycles per unit signal).

> except that only signals in frequency space (w) can be expressed in 
> systems theory as ratios. In time they are convolutions. These
> are dual aspects, not dual substances.
> That being so, the only difference in the expressions in my analogy is one 
> of aspect or emphasis.
> When I express something in frequency space (w), I am emphasizing that
> it is a function of mind (in Platonia) and so should be considered as 
> subjective, 
> while in time space (t, down here) it is a function or brain or body and 
> so 
> is to be considered as objective.

I would say that it is upside down, as all functions of mind occur in 
literally in time, and only occasionally utilizing figurative space. 
Objective structures are always literally in space and only cause us to 
infer time through motion and change (time can only be inferred through our 
memories of those previous conditions and the sense of linear progress 
among them.)

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