I found an interesting passage in http://www.labyrinthina.com/multiverse.htm

"Another disguised many worlds theory, says Deutsch, is John Cramer's "transactional" interpretation in which information passes backwards and forwards through time. When you measure the position of an atom, it sends a message back to its earlier self to change its trajectory accordingly.

But as the system gets more complicated, the number of messages explodes. Soon, says Deutsch, it becomes vastly greater than the number of particles in the Universe. The full quantum evolution of a system as big as the Universe consists of an exponentially large number of classical processes, each of which contains the information to describe a whole universe. So Cramer's idea forces the multiverse on you, says Deutsch."

The "explosion of the number of messages" is not any more a problem that the explosion of possible world in the multiverse. It is just problematic for the chalk boards of human physicists. The 'messages' do not need particles to occur. The quantum wave function of a physical universe is sufficient to do the job, after all its superpositions track exactly with the number of messages in Cramer's TIQM.



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