On 03 Jan 2013, at 14:47, Craig Weinberg wrote (to Roger Clough):

Personally I believe that Hell and Heaven are metaphors which extrapolate the ordinary high and low moods of human consciousness to a super-significance. God is a metaphor in the exact same way - an algebraic concept of X = Infinite proprietary superlatives.

I don't disagree. Possible.

If you are in a world of competing polytheistic deities, each the representation of a personal superlative or sphere of influence (God of war, Goddess of beauty, etc), then the invention of a supreme ultimate deity who trumps all others in all categories is an excellent political strategy.


Unless the "unique" God is used in a normative way, like if some people knew better than others in some public way.

Then it is no more an excellent political strategy, but the worst.

Normally comp "well understood" prevent "God", or actually anyone, to be thinking at your place.

It's a convenient way to consolidate allegiance and direct everyone's personal insecurities to a mass psychology solution.

(I imagined well you were using "politics" in a pejorative sense, but politics for me is like sailing, except the boat is not always close to the sea). By definition I would say that an excellent politics is one which optimizes stable (perdurable) majority satisfactions.

It is here, like in science, that God is probably the best idea and "God" is probably the worst idea. That's the difficulty in theology: to distinguish God from any "God"s. The confusion is easy, even more in time theology is artificially separated from the scientific attitude.

By using "religion" and "politics" only in the pejorative sense, not much hope can remain.



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