VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization 


Mirror neurons are motor neurons in the brain that serve to allow us to imitate 
or repeat 
the external actions of others.  Monkey see, monkey do. 
See the above video for a more complete explanation.

Intuitively, these suggest possible relationships between the following 
(to give a partial listing):

1. Morphisms

2. A holographic universe (copies of the whole in each part)

3. Computationalism (the computer copying or emulation of brain processes)

4. Mirror neurons

5. Monkey see, monkey do.

6. Monadic perception.  Universal reflections of the perceptions of all of the 
    other monads in the universe,
    back to a given monad. a possible basis of habits. 

7. Social relationships

8.  Etc. etc.

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