On 1/5/2013 10:38 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:

On Saturday, January 5, 2013 7:10:13 AM UTC-5, Bruno Marchal wrote:

    On 03 Jan 2013, at 18:13, Craig Weinberg wrote:

    On Thursday, January 3, 2013 10:45:01 AM UTC-5, yanniru wrote:

        BTW my stichk is that consciousness
        comes from discrete compactified space that is arithmetic, in both the
        megaverse and in each universe.

    Why would consciousness come from discrete compactified space? To me, all 
that this
    kind of explanation does is shift the mystery of consciousness from a 
person to a
    space. It ascribes the power of feeling and thinking to an arithmetic idea 
    than a person, leaving us right back where we started - asking why does an
    arithmetic idea have thoughts and feelings.

    Because we assume the brain works like a computer. Then, no computer can 
    an arithmetical reality supportinh his personhood from any other reality 
    Turing universality, unless it belongs to a simulation in some normal 
    supplied by infinitely many corrections (that is we are purposefully failed 
by liars).

So instead of assuming that we are conscious, you assume that the brain is a computer and computation is conscious. Why is that an improvement?

Because computation is well defined and it implicitly creates modal categories that might model the different categories or degrees of awarness and self-awarness. So it may make testable predictions.


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