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> Richard and CI,
> The peer review process has been corrupted in favour of geopolitical
> "imperatives".
> That is why we are here.
> Needing a new quaternary system (not tertiary -university )
> Global conscious and critic of humanity needed.
> Please write a book
> Quantum consciousness is a great name
> So if we place a coupe on the table what do you say?
> What point is best to start explaining to 86% of the population (one
> standard deviation IQ below the mean and above - 86%)
> Rod
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I am still working out its system analysis.

Why just yesterday I learned of an  mind/body coupling mechanism
alternative to my concept of mind BECs being entangled with body BECs.
Its best in metaphysics
to have at least 3 different kinds of mind/body coupling mechansims.

Another kind of system requirement is the discrete mathematics
that yields consciousness, mind, body or both.

So far we have the Godelian incompleteness math and Marchal's CTM,
with others in the works on the Everything List:

And in order to make this an ontology (I think)
we have 3 sets of discrete, enumerable particles
on which or from which the math can operate.

In chronological order:

Indra's jewels which reflect each other instantly;

Liebniz's monads that perceive each other instantly;

and the Calabi-Yau compact manifolds of string theory.

So I ascertain that we are fairly system's complete.

One problem will be to find the underly principles
that make all the math systems valid.
But two out of three ain't bad.

Likewise the substantive candidates for the system
should all be duals of each other.

Would you raise a coupe for that?
Who wants to name it?

Richard David Ruquist
aka in the Civil War
Yanni Klemm

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