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Humble coin toss thrust to heart of multiverse debate

02 January 2013 by Jacob Aron
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WHY is there a 1 in 2 chance of getting a tail when you flip a coin? It may seem like a simple question, but the humble coin toss is now at the heart of a lively row about the multiverse. At stake is the ability to calculate which, of an infinite number of parallel universes, is the one that we inhabit.

The debate comes in the wake of a paper posted online a couple of weeks ago by cosmologists Andreas Albrecht and Daniel Phillips, both at the University of California, Davis. They argue that conventional probability theory, the tool we all use to quantify uncertainty in the real world, has no basis in reality (arxiv.org/abs/1212.0953). Instead, all problems in probability are ultimately about quantum mechanics. "Every single time we use probability successfully, that use actually comes from quantum mechanics," says Albrecht.

I have given the following exercise some time ago. How long need you to shake a certain volume containing a dice to be sure (by the SWE) that you will end up with a six outcomes/branches wave solution, having reasonably equivalent measure? It is true that the Heisenberg Uncertainties will add up, but to get the 1/6 realized quantum mechanically, I think you have to shake them during a non negligible time. But I do agree with the author above that even if you don't shake the dice a lot, you will get QM branches with all outcomes (but some more than others). This is trivial, as there is also a branch where the dice transform into a white rabbit (but with a very low QM measure). All that are open problem in computer science (once we decide to work in the comp theory).



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