On Thursday, January 10, 2013 11:47:26 AM UTC-5, yanniru wrote:
> But in the end the magic of consciousness 
> requires a 1p leap of faith. 

And vice versa.That's because they are the same thing. Consciousness is 
literally a leap across mechanism, computation, and physics. That is what 
free will is made of. Free will cheats. Cheating is free will. Math and 
physics don't cheat because they are built from islands of meaning in a 
vacuum. Cheating is a private agenda exercised publicly.

It only makes sense that could be the case if 1p is primary, so that laws 
and certainties are circumstantial consequences arising from 1p and not the 
other way around. Experienced meaning is the plenum within which all 
spatio-temporal-functional-substantial gaps are generated.



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