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According to Plato, all love, all truth, and all beauty comes from the One
(ie God). That being the case, when I experience love, truth or beauty, I
sense God's presence.

I can be OK with this, but this will not convince an atheist, who will tell you that if "beauty" is god, then he believes in God, but that is not the God he is talking about when declaring himself an atheist.

An atheist is just someone who does not believe in Santa Claus. Really.

Some people suggests that comp is two times more atheistic than atheism, because with comp, not only the literal Christian God does not exist, but the myth or a primitive material universe has to be abandoned too. I disagree because comp invite us firmly to come back to the scientific notion of God (transcendental truth at the root of everything, faith in reincarnation).

Science is always based on a religion.

?? Surely you mean a scientific theory is always based on a "religion" by which you probably mean some basic assumptions. But it doesn't follow that science as a whole is based on a (singular?) religion.

Yes it is. Science is based on our faith in some "stable" reality. This is at the root of both Aristotle and Plato Theology.

Ok, I can buy that. It even assumes that we can know about reality in at least some approximate and incomplete sense.

So what's your religion, Bruno?

I believe that there is something.

What are its tenets that you believe on faith?

That there is something different from me.

But you have evidence for that - if you can figure out what is meant by "me".

Who are the adherents?

The non-solipsistic people. The belief in others is faith, even if partially build in in our mammal brain. This makes us hard to understand that it is faith, but with some work and introspection you can get the point. It is very elementary and widespread religion, and then with comp, it specializes a bit into a doctrine close to Plato, Plotinus, and most mystics.

I'm a Solipist, and I must say I'm surprised there aren't more of us.
      -- letter to Bertrand Russell

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