On Jan 11, 7:24 am, "socra...@bezeqint.net" <socra...@bezeqint.net>
>   Nobody has "seen" primary matter,
> but the believer in it usually   attribute it a fundamental role in
> our existence.
> ===========.
> What is a primary matter from modern scientific point of view ?
> It is  'quantum  virtual particles'  and ' cosmic dark mass and
> energy'
> The problem is that nobody explain their concrete physical parameters.
> I explain this loss link.
> The  ' quantum virtual particles '  have following concrete
> parameters:
> C/D=pi=3,14, R/N=k, E/M=c^2, h=0, c=0, i^2=-1, e^i(pi)= -1.
> ===..
> socratus

Pre-universe ( pre-condition) is vacuum : T=0K
The Universe ( as a whole) is a double World:
next to Material World ( a few % of whole mass of the Universe)
exist Vacuum World ( with more than 90% of whole mass of the

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