That explains why complex variables are needed for quantum mechanics.

The wiggle room of not defining greater or lessor introduces probability.


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Date: Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: [4DWorldx] Lliving systems are a function of time; non-living
systems are not


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systems are not

On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 9:48 AM, Hans Dieter Franke> wrote:
> Consequence: sciences are LINEAR systems!
> Apparently life and death are, at least at their individual begin, and
> end,
> linear systems. But in between? during life?
> I suspect that the space where a sperm approaches an egg, I mean the
> decisive approach space, is NOT linear system.
> That is the sperm to egg approach space is not a space of distances

Of course, the dDNA Dance of Life is much more complex and probably
quantum mechanical, everything else is.

No you missed the point. Mathematically in terms of non linear systems
we can only go as far as dynamical complexity but not to an "imaginary"
complexity. Lets examine complex numbers.
Real numbers can be well ordered in less equal greater but complex numbers
cannot. Complex numbers can be either equal or not equal.
So philosophically taken, adding a degree of freedom to real numbers,
as complex numbers are an ordered pair of real numbers, in order to have
arithmetics for complex numbers, we loose a degree of decidability.
We loose the decision less and greater. This is so to speak the price to be
paid for consistency.
And here we are in systems theory. Said decisive approach space is
transcomputable that means, narratively, any consitently computing system
would come up with a halting computation ( if at all) always later than the
non linear system no matter how "fast" it is.
We may have some reasons to be convinced that a "less complex" living being
such as an amoeba is completely computable ahead that is fully covered in a
linear system manner but we can only prove that if we are the amoeba.

Hans Dieter

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