On 1/21/2013 2:45 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
I mean if we wanted to get technical I would split the physics of counting into the private motive experience quantitative reasoning from the sensory experiences of figures or forms upon which we project our representations, but yeah numbers need a substrate. I call that substrate physical, but not material as it experiential/intentional rather than substantial/extended.

Hi Craig,

What is the difference between experiential/intentional and substantial/extended other than a vague and undefined reference to some imaginary 3p? What I experience is 'substantial to me', at least for a moment until what ever it was vanishes again as new data arrives. What is intensional to me, as in, X implies Y where X does not equal Y or X is not the same as Y, other than a difference in quantity; the same kind of difference that one end of a yardstick has from the other end, when we abstracted away the variances. So the one associated with yardsticks is easily represented as a scalar value, but isn't every thing substantial quantifiable in some way too? We sometimes fall prey to misplaced categorization...



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