Something that intrigues me is that arithmetics does not seem to exist
in the primordial singularity that spawned the 14d Metaverse nor in
any singularities that that spawned 12d universes because the quantum
fields in the singularities are not discrete.

In order to get a discrete structure capable of arithmetics each
singularity must first spawn a 4D spacetime together with a 3D
subspace containing a cubic lattice of compactified 6d particles
capable of arithmetic computation. Subspace arithmetics then computes
everything that can happen then on forever and writes the results on
the fluxes of the timeless deterministic unconscious MWI 4D Block
Space of the Metaverse.

But consciousness and free choice appear to exist in our universe. If
so then the subspace arithmetics (what I think of as the Quantum Mind)
must recalculate the future just like your GPS does when you decide to
take a different path than what the GPS system recommends.

Now this will become religion if I can derive ritual like mantras from
the metaphysics. It is my opinion that religion requires ritual,
something I have already done for string theory. So string theory IS
my religion.

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 10:22 AM, Richard Ruquist <> wrote:
> I always considered "h" to just be a constant of proportionality
> between energy and frequency that is determined empirically.
> What a quantum particle is may be metaphysical- that is, beyond
> measurement and subject to belief.
> For example I believe in a Quantum Mind- Physical world duality where
> both wave functions and their quantization exist in the quantum mind;
> whereas only physical particles exist in the physical world. That is,
> fields, forces and action at a distance all exist in the quantum mind.
> So lets consider the radiation of EM waves/fields from electrons in an
> antenna. As the waves spread out, their intensity or amplitude
> decreases as 1/r squared, so that one quanta of energy (or one photon)
> requires integration of the amplitude over larger and larger area
> and/or time.
> It is my conjecture that arithmetics of the Quantum Mind do a running
> quantization so that virtual particles are realized in the Quantum
> Mind that are digital equivalents to the analog EM fields, Same for
> all quantum wave functions in general.
> In the MWI scenario, every such virtual particle becomes a  physical
> particle in a new universe. However, it is also possible that all
> virtual particles but one get cancelled by anti-particles ala Feynman
> QED or Cramer analysis thereby resulting in a single universe (SWI).
> That thinking combines a collapse model with a hidden variable model;
> but both models apply to the quantum mind and not the physical world.
> I believe that for my combined model to be true, the arithmetics of
> the quantum mind must be instantaneous, consistent with the Quantum
> Mind being mainly a timeless virtual MWI Block Space.
> But your question really is "what does a physical particle look like?"
> My answer is that they look like strings. But I have to admit that
> strings are still concepts in the regime of metaphysics. Of course,
> point particles are there as well.
> Richard
> On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 5:37 AM,
> <> wrote:
>>   Belief . . . from history of physics.
>> =.
>>   Many years Max  Planck was attracted with the
>> absolutely black body problem.
>> If quantum of light moving with speed c=1 falls in the area of
>> absolutely black body and does not radiate back, then “ terminal
>> dead “ will come. In order to save the quantum of light from ‘death ‘
>> Planck decided that  it is possible that quantum of light
>>  will radiate back with quantum unit (h ),  (h=Et )
>> This unit does not come on formulas or equations.
>> Planck introduced this unit from heaven, from ceiling.
>> Sorry. Sorry.
>> Scientists say:  Planck introduced this unit intuitively.
>> They say:  Planck introduced unit (h) phenomenologically
>> ===..
>> Phenomenology.
>> 1.
>> the movement founded by Husserl that concentrates on the
>> detailed description of conscious experience, without recourse
>>  to explanation, metaphysical assumptions, and traditional
>>  philosophical questions
>> ===…
>> So. Planck discovered the quantum of energy / action
>>  ‘without recourse  to explanation, metaphysical assumptions,
>> and traditional  philosophical questions’.
>> Many years Planck tried to find rational explanation for his unit
>> but without success.
>> We can read that unit (h) is an ’inner’ impulse (spin) of particle.
>> But what ’inner impulse’ means? We have no  answer.
>> ==.
>> There are 1000 books and millions articles about
>> ‘philosophy of science’ but how can I believe them
>>  if they didn’t explain me ‘what quantum particle is’.
>> Our today’s belief in science is similar to the past belief
>>  in religion:    ‘ I believe because it is absurd.’
>> / Tertullian. (ca.160 – ca.220 AD) /
>> ( in science –  big bang,
>>  in religion - God create woman from Adam’s rib.)
>> ==..
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